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lewisclark_up_250Lewis and Clark in the Illinois Country:
The Little-Told Story

Lewis and Clark came to Illinois Country in late 1803 primarily to buy goods for the journey to the Pacific, recruit soldiers for the trail party, and train and prepare for the long excursion. Stretching along the Mississippi river on its eastern shore, Lewis and Clark found curious and willing helpmates living in the settlements of Kaskaskia and Cahokia. Without the knowledge and experiences of the Illinoisans, the expedition might have encountered much more trouble on its long trip. Lewis spent much of his time making connections in St. Louis with individuals who willingly aided the expedition.

Lewis and Clark and the party settled on land near the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. From late December 1803 to May 1804 the two captains and the soldiers prepared for the journey, built boats, and constructed living quarters they called Camp Dubois, which was along the Dubois River. The Corps of Discovery received tips from visitors who had explored the middle reaches of the Missouri River and encountered several Indian tribes in the region.

Much of the story involving Illinois settlers and traders had not been told in the many publications of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The book was chosen by the Illinois State Library for special distribution to schools and libraries throughout the state.

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With this book, the first exclusive examination of Lewis and Clark in Illinois, Hartley adds to the study of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society